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Most Advertising Calendars cost just pennies a day.


Aimed directly where you want your name to go. No wastage.


Displayed prominently they are seen many times a day, every day.


They always create goodwill wherever they are received.


A whole year’s advertising from each calendar.


A Calendar can be used by most people in most environments.



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The biggest selection


As Agents for all the major UK manufacturers of Advertising Calendars, we are able to supply a vast selection of the most popular titles. These include British and World scenes, Wildlife, Cars and Commercial Vehicles, Sports, Aircraft, Glamour, (male and female), Humour, Art and Engineering, amongst others.


As well as the Pictorial Wall calendars, there is an extensive range of Desk Calendars and functional Commercial Calendars.


Additionally, we can supply digitally printed calendars where it is feasible to have bespoke Calendars featuring your own images from as few as 50 units. The most up to date digital technology even enables you to include your client’s name in the picture on every page!

Also available at competitive prices: Diaries PENS
Pens & Pencils
And anything else you can think of!
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